Built for the Community,

Designed to benefit everyone!

Our world is constantly changing and becoming more digital as well as Money is.

The BNBPurge is a community driven project created with the interest of bringing about a passive income generation to anyone regardless of age or net-worth.

BNBPurge just like the meaning of Purge signifies “Cleanse” Our core Value for building this project is to create a healthy System unaffected by the present ills of the projects that are been shilled out daily, this includes dishonest and greedy developers who’s intentions are to Rugpull and also the community and investors who’s intentions are to dump. The Entire System Lacks Trust!!!

Our ultimate goal is to devise a plan to curb this ills, produce and Build a long lasting relationship with the entire community.

Project built on the foundation of community involvement are the untamed wilderness of our future. As we move further away from rigid financial structures and traditional mindset, we become free to discover new ways to solve problems and relate to one another.

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We Reward Holders through
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